In the Zone 6 May Garden

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In the Zone 6 May Garden

May is one of the most glorious months in the Indiana garden. Take a deep breath and enjoy the show!

What To See

  • Peonies burst into bloom in May, accompanied by Siberian iris and the first of the roses.
  • Woodland flowers finish their spring blooming, while geraniums are hitting their stride.
  • Trees are setting fruit. Watch for tiny apples, crabapples, pears, and cherries.

In the zone 6 May garden


What to Do

  • We’re celebrating the frost-free date! In Indianapolis, May 12 is the average date of the last frost.
  • Now that the soil has warmed, we’re mulching garden beds.
  • Once we’re past the frost-free date, we’ll plant containers and window boxes with summer plants like coleus, impatiens, pot geraniums, and petunias.
  • After they finish blooming, we prune early- to mid-spring flowering shrubs and trees, such as viburnum and lilac. We’re also thinning tiny fruits on fruit trees.
  • After May 12, we’ll plant out tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and other transplants. We’ll also sow warm-weather vegetables like beans, pumpkins, squash, corn, and edamame directly into the garden.
  • Once the summer vegetables are planted, we’ll mulch the kitchen garden.
  • We’re harvesting asparagus, rhubarb, early strawberries, and early plantings of spring vegetables.
  • If you want to fertilize your lawn in spring, May is the best time. Try a good organic fertilizer, such as WOW! Plus, instead of a synthetic one.