Garden Care
Expert Gardening on Your Schedule

Great gardens require consistent care. Choose from a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or seasonal schedule of visits.

During every visit, we weed, water, deadhead, patrol for pests, and clean up hardscapes. Other tasks are timed with the growing cycle, including pruning shrubs and small trees, shearing formal hedges, spreading mulch, and doing spring and fall garden cleanups.

Professional gardening rates begin at $70 an hour.

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Garden Care
High-Impact Garden Makeovers

Whether you’re selling your house, preparing for a party, or just want a prettier view, our garden editing process gets you big results in a short amount of time.

In just one or two visits, we evaluate the suitability and health of your plantings; prune shrubs and trees; weed; transplant; and stage the garden to look its best using just the plants, stones, and resources already on site.

Professional gardening rates begin at $70 an hour.

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Garden Care
Invasive Plant Removal

When the weeds have completely taken over, call us for a garden clearout! Our team uses earth-friendly and science-backed methods to reclaim your outdoor space from invasives like bush honeysuckle, Canada thistle, and other tough-to-remove pests.

Once we clear them out of your yard, we help you keep them out, with regular visits to remove any new growth. We plant shrubs, grasses, and perennials that can hold their own against the invaders.

Invasive plant removal rates begin at $70 an hour. Removal work scheduled from January to March receives a 10 percent discount.

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