Hardscape and Custom Elements
Planning and Problem Solving

Whether you want a full-site design or a solution for one small space, we prioritize solving challenges and manage soil, water, and other resources. Problem solved!

  • A whole-system approach to reduce runoff and improving drainage, including downspouts and drainage tile, French drains, rain barrels, rain gardens, bioswales, permeable paver applications, and dry streambeds.
  • Soil reclamation and improvement. We remove existing hardscape and vegetation, employ phytoremediation, cover crop, and prepare garden beds.
  • Management plans for your garden, meadow, prairie, or woodland. Whether your outdoor space is cultivated or nearly wild, we have the skills to keep it beautiful and healthy.
Hardscape and Custom Elements
Hardscape and Stonework

Great gardens have great bones! We draw on custom-made hardscape solutions that welcome you outdoors, increase privacy, and make your garden suit you right down to the ground.

  • Outdoor living spaces. Natural stone or paver patios and walks provide solid footing for gathering with friends or enjoying some solitude. Choose a permeable paver application for an earth-friendly approach that prevents runoff.
  • More usable space in the same square footage. We make your garden live larger with techniques like earth sculpting, terracing, retaining walls, stone steps, and site-specific deck designs.
  • Custom carpentry projects. Purpose-built trellises, screens, and tuteurs create privacy and let you grow the garden at eye level!
Hardscape and Custom Elements
Finishing Touches

Every garden needs a little zing! Garden decor and specialty features stamp your personality firmly onto the outdoor space you call home.

  • Custom raised bed and planter boxes. Whether for a kitchen garden or a formal courtyard, our accessible solutions put your plants in easy read.
  • Water features and fountains. Birdbaths, fountains, cascades, and rills—we’ll help you choose and install the right one to introduce the splash of water to your garden.
  • Decorative stonescaping. Sometimes, a garden just needs a big rock! We can source, select, and set boulders and stones for reasons both practical and aesthetic.