Garden Coaching
On-Site Coaching

At a flat fee of $300 for a two-hour, on-site session, garden coaching is a smart way to get the most out of your budget. After talking about your style and how you want to live in your garden, we’ll walk your yard together.

Depending on your needs, we might identify plants, offer design ideas, or give a hands-on lesson in pruning. We’ll answer any specific questions you have and help you figure out your garden priorities.

Garden Coaching
References and Recommendations

After the session is over, we’ll send you short video taken in your garden, a quick sketch, and a set of written notes with links to additional references and specific plants.

To help you avoid costly mistakes in the garden, we’ll also send you a suggested order of work. We’ll let you know which projects are easiest to do yourself, and which you should consider hiring out.

Ready to put your coaching notes into action right away? Your $300 coaching fee can be applied to the cost of a garden project. 

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Garden Coaching
For Gardeners At Every Level

New homeowners and those thinking about making changes to an existing landscape especially benefit from garden coaching. For fresh design ideas, ways to make the garden lower-maintenance, or help establishing an order of work, garden coaching is the best place to start.

Garden coaching is also perfect for gardeners who like getting into the dirt as much as we do. Our deep knowledge of native plants is especially useful to gardeners who want to encourage wildlife and pollinators.

Homeowners interested in growing their own food love our experience with vegetable gardens and home orchards. We can even recommend specific varieties of fruit trees!