Garden Coaching
On-Site Coaching

At a flat fee of $350 for an on-site session, garden coaching is a smart way to get the most out of your budget. After talking about your style and how you want to live in your garden, we’ll walk your yard together.

Depending on your needs, we might identify plants, offer design ideas, or give a hands-on lesson in pruning. We’ll answer any specific questions you have and help you figure out your garden priorities.

Garden Coaching
References and Recommendations

After your coaching session, we’ll send you a short video recorded in your garden with our suggestions. Where necessary, we’ll send you additional notes and references. With these guidelines in hand, you’ll be ready to make changes in your garden! 

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Garden Coaching
For Gardeners At Every Level
  • New homeowners who want to identify plants in their new yard and learn how to take care of them.
  • Homeowners looking for garden design ideas or ways to reduce labor.
  • Gardeners particularly interested in native plants and attracting wildlife and pollinators.
  • Food gardeners who want help establishing vegetable gardens, planting orchards, and starting out in permaculture.