Garden Design

Whether you’d like an outdoor space to practice yoga or an edible landscape to inspire your culinary creations, we design your garden with your specific needs in mind to create a space that enhances your life.

We can render your garden design either in digital form or sketch it by hand, depending on your preference.

Design rates begin at $85 an hour.

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Garden Design

We work thoughtfully with the space you have. From considering how to ensure something is blooming throughout the year to planting native species, we design gardens that work with your space, never against it.

We use low-input, high-impact, plant-driven solutions. Depending on the needs of the site, designs may incorporate rain gardens, bioswales, meadows, reforestation, native plantings, rooftop gardens, green walls, or a wide variety of garden planting styles.

Garden Design

All garden designs are installed by our expert team with in-depth knowledge of your project, guaranteeing designs are executed to a T.

Each garden installation is a customized mix of hardscape and planting concepts suited to the site. Installation projects include not just planting, but may also incorporate walkways, patios, retaining walls, French drains, soil remediation, soil grading, raised bed installation, and rain barrels.

Garden installation rates begin at $70 per hour. Material costs vary from project to project.

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