Steps to a Super Summer Container

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Steps to a Super Summer Container

Container gardens are an essential addition to any residence. Whether you use them on a porch, balcony, or out in the garden, follow our five steps to a brilliant summer pot!

Steps to a Super Summer Container

1. Use a potting mix.

The soil in your garden is full of microbes that aren’t so good for your pots, and it usually is too heavy to support good container gardens. Instead, look for potting soil or potting mix (without added fertilizer), which is lighter than topsoil and allows water to drain easily. Add some compost as a slow-release fertilizer.

2. Pack them in.

When planting a summer container garden, we ignore the spacing guidelines on the plant tags. Cram as many plants into that container as you can to get a full, lush look.

We like to combine perennials with annuals; you can plant perennials in the ground at the end of the season to get the most bang for your buck. Just as in the garden, combine plants that have similar light and water needs.

Thriller Filler Spiller

3. Use the “thriller, filler, spiller” formula.

A simple way to create a great pot is the “thriller, filler, spiller” system. You want a big, show-stopping plant to give you immediate impact. Surround it with softer stuff that has a more horizontal appearance, then tuck in some plants that will trail over the edge of your containers.

4. Group pots together for maximum impact.

Individual pots are fine, but putting pots together creates both a big visual punch and a microclimate that helps all the plants thrive. Plus you won’t have to drag the hose to as many places.

Three planted garden containers

5. Plan to water every day.

In addition to watering, plan to feed every couple of weeks with a gentle water-soluble fertilizer, such as compost tea. The fertilizer is especially important to keep flowering plants blooming all summer. Check out our guide to caring for your container garden for more! 

Want a summer container created right at your doorstep? We’ll bring the perfect summer plants, plant them in your containers, and clean up after ourselves. Contact Spotts Garden Service today!