In the Zone 6 June Garden

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In the Zone 6 June Garden

Indiana gardens are glorious in June, especially during the early part of the month. Take a walk through yours!

What To See

  • Salvias are blooming now, along with catmint, the last of the geranium, and the lavender. Coneflower is starting to open up too.
  • Fruit trees are developing their crops. Watch for apples to start gaining their red blush and raspberries to start developing fruit.
  • Butterflies are out in force. Look for them around weedy spots and near red, orange, and purple flowers.

What to Do

  • Finish harvesting your spring crops! Strawberries, peas, salad greens, and other spring crops are ready now.
  • Continue succession planting of beans, carrots, sweet corn, and melons for fall harvest. Now’s the time to plant for Halloween pumpkins.
  • Mulch your beds with 2” to 4” of compost, shredded wood, or straw. As soil temperatures rise in early summer, plants welcome mulch’s added protection, cooling cover, and water retention.
  • If you didn’t finish in May, now’s a good time to prune spring-flowering trees and shrubs.
  • Deadhead flowers to keep them blooming.
  • Keep after weeds as much as possible during this time of year. We prefer hand weeding with a garden knife or a Japanese hoe.
  • Keep mowing the lawn at 3” or higher, and mow in late afternoon or early evening to conserve soil moisture. Leave clippings on lawn. If the grass is extremely long, rake the clippings and add them to the compost pile.