In the Zone 6 March Garden

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In the Zone 6 March Garden

Pull on your muck boots and head outside to see what’s going on in your garden!

What To See

  • Daffodils, crocus, and tulips are all pushing their way out of the soil. Forgot where you planted them last year? Daffodils have round, flat tips on their leaves, while the leaves of tulips are pointed and curl a bit as soon as they come out of the ground.
  • Forsythia shrubs are an early sign of spring; watch for their brilliant yellow blooms.
  • Birds are returning to the garden. Scrub out your birdfeeders and fill them up to lure migrating birds in.

In the zone 6 March garden

What to Do

  • Call Spotts Garden Service at (317) 356-8808 to schedule your spring cleanup!
  • If you haven’t already, call us to have your fruit trees pruned in early March, before the trees break dormancy.
  • Wait for soil to become dry enough to work before doing any planting. Soil should crumble when you squeeze it in your hand; if it sticks in a ball, it’s still too wet.
  • Direct sow peas, potatoes, onions, turnips, radishes, and spinach once the soil has dried. if the soil doesn’t dry in March, push that planting back to April.
  • If you’re starting your own summer crops inside, plant them around the end of March to transplant out in early May.