August in the Midwestern Garden

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August in the Midwestern Garden

Savor long evenings in the August garden. Here in Indianapolis, we’re harvesting summer vegetables, weeding and deadheading, and finishing pruning the last of the shrubs. Don’t forget the bug spray!

What To See in the August Garden

  • Plant growth is slowing as days grow shorter. But annuals like zinnias and sunflowers are still going strong in the flower border.
  • The yard is taking on a hazier, late-summer look here in zone 6. Caryopteris is beginning its bloom, and aster is starting to bud.
  • Summer produce is coming in from the garden quickly. Look for bare spots of soil to fill with fall vegetable starts.
  • Butterflies and other pollinators are flitting from bloom to bloom and basking in the sun.

August in the Midwestern Garden

What to Do This Month

It’s a great time to focus on bigger projects in the landscape. Contact Spotts Garden Service for a free estimate on late-summer or fall work in your Indianapolis garden.

  • Completing hardscape projects or improving site drainage.
  • Designing and installing new gardens.
  • Shearing hedges. We’re also finishing up pruning shrubs and small trees, including fruit trees.
  • Overseeding bare spots or establishing new turf.

Other Tasks in the Organic Garden in August