January in the Midwestern Garden

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January in the Midwestern Garden

The days slowly begin to lengthen in the January garden, though most are gray and overcast. Gardeners take a tromp through chilly woods, then curl up with a book to dream of spring.

What to See

January in the Midwestern Garden

What to Do

While the Spotts crew slows down a bit in winter, we still find plenty of projects to do in the garden. Contact us for free estimates on work suited to winter weather in your Indianapolis garden.

January in the Organic Garden

  • Plan this year’s plantings and map out your kitchen garden.
  • Broaden your garden knowledge with our favorite books and websites. We have picks for both experienced and new gardeners.
  • Watch for thirsty plants. Between now and spring, water plants if we have several weeks of above freezing temperatures and no rain. Especially keep an eye on evergreens like arborvitae, which can suffer from drying out in winter.

January in the Kitchen Garden