January in the Midwestern Garden

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January in the Midwestern Garden

The days slowly begin to lengthen in the January garden, though most are gray and overcast. Gardeners take a tromp through snowy woods, then curl up with a book to dream of spring.

What to See

  • Evergreens come into their own as other shrubs and trees stand leafless.
  • Birds continue to dine on any remaining holly berries and winterberries and visit baths and pools of water that remain unfrozen.
  • Stalks of perennials peek out from under a cover of snow or form hillocks in brown and gray garden beds.

January in the Midwestern Garden

What to Do

While the Spotts crew slows down a bit in winter, we still find plenty of projects to do in the garden. Contact us for free estimates on work suited to winter weather in your Indianapolis garden.

Other Tasks in the Organic Garden in January